July 3, 2019

My Health Studio has a heart for those who may feel turned off by big-box gyms.  We offer unique fitness programs to cater to this population, however, group exercise and private training is only the tip of the iceberg here at MHS.

We have become a one-stop-shop for multiple health and wellness offerings, including the all-important recovery component of fitness. From HydroMassage to Power Plate Vibration, My Health Studio offers customers the tools they need to feel the benefits of fitness while reducing strain on the body and bringing much needed relief to sore muscles. As the last blog described, fitness and health are not a destination but, rather, a series of small routine changes culminating in the elimination of poor habits and an overall lifestyle change. One of the side effects of embarking on a fitness regimen is the need for recovery programs. As effective and necessary as exercise is, certain forms of movement (i.e., High-Intensity Interval Training) may result in stress to the body. The fitness lifestyle must be paired with a recovery program to minimize injury. This can be a larger issue with gyms that do not have recovery services. Trainers may recommend stretches, refer clients to a massage therapist, or plan out a recovery schedule, but My Health Studio has in-house options for our customers. We are on a mission to provide our clients with the convenience of having everything they need under one roof.

In our previous Live @ 5 on Facebook we spoke with Yossi Galam of¬†Stretch Vibes to discuss assisted stretching. He conveyed the importance of pairing fitness with muscle relief for injury prevention. In the video he shows us a ham string stretch, but stretching is beneficial for all parts of the body. Yossi’s Stretch Vibes is focused on athletic recovery, rehabilitation and the maintenance that comes with fitness lifestyles. Yossi uses our studio and he can be contacted through his Facebook page or website for a recovery session.

To elaborate on the¬†Power Plate and HydroMassage, these are additional¬†modalities available to clients for recovery. Despite its name, HyrdoMassage is a completely dry full-body massage that uses internal pressurized water in an open bed design. Each session can be fully tailored to the users‚Äô needs and the system delivers an ‚Äúall sides‚ÄĚ body massage. The Power Plate is somewhat different, as it can be used to both recover and build muscles.¬†Power Plate is a vibrating platform that helps you prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker. It makes you feel better by stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation. Power Plate enhances any movement, simple or complex, typically performed on the ground.¬†The full list of benefits can be found on our Power Plate page, but for recovery especially, this piece of equipment can reduce pain, increase flexibility as well as range of motion.¬†The expertise of those at My Health Studio translates into more available options to assist customers on the road to improved fitness.

Most clients underestimate the value and importance of recovery. Our years of experience in the fitness arena allow us to recognize when clients need to take time for rehabilitation, recuperation and healing, and which recovery modalities will best meet their needs. Stop by My Health Studio to learn more about how fitness and recovery can go hand in hand to create a smooth fitness journey.

February 2, 2018

Over 3 million Americans struggle with cellulite, which manifests itself as the the dimpling of skin or bumpy tissue around the¬†pelvic¬†region, buttocks,¬†lower limbs, and¬†abdomen. This issue is more predominant in females over males due to how¬†fat¬†within fibrous¬†connective tissue¬†is stored. For men, a lattice of overlapping crossed fibers keeps¬†cellulite from forming as easily while in women this lattice is composed of parallel fibers resulting in fat being stored differently, yielding bumps and lumpy skin. Factors like hormones (estrogen), genetics, and even stress (cortisol) can increase an individual’s risk for¬†cellulite formation. Recent research has shown that proper diet and exercise can help to reduce¬†cellulite through weight loss. There are other techniques to reduce these fat deposits such as radio frequency treatments and non-invasive skin care therapy.

My Health Studio recognizes how common cellulite is and the desire to treat it, which is why we have recommended Power Plate since its introduction to our facility. Originally intended to be used as a way of reducing abdominal fat, this machine works by using vibrations to engage muscle groups to compliment a normal exercise routine. Common exercises performed on the Power Plate, such as squatting or balancing, expand and loosen muscles increasing blood flow while burning fat. Continued use of the Power Plate has been shown to improve circulation which translates to faster recovery from injuries or muscle atrophy. Other benefits include increased bone density, reversal of bone loss, reduced pain and it can be used to eliminate osteoporosis. Aside from increasing strength, balance and endurance, research has also yielded interesting results regarding Cellulite. When using the Power Plate alone, users reported a 25% reduction in Cellulite, while users who add Power Plate to cardio exercises show as 32% reduction in Cellulite. This is significant considering the Power Plate can be a simple addition to any normal work-out routine.

There are many powerful benefits of the Power Plate, backed by extensive research, proving that this piece of powerful equipment can be used to fight both Cellulite and osteoporosis. Its recovery effects also warrant at least one trial run for anyone curious about the machine. Join us at My Health Studio to try the Power Plate or speak to us about reducing Cellulite through a dedicated weight loss exercise routine. More information about the Power Plate can be found HERE. Catch up on this topic and more in our weekly Facebook Live video series found HERE.