February 2, 2018

Over 3 million Americans struggle with cellulite, which manifests itself as the the dimpling of skin or bumpy tissue around the¬†pelvic¬†region, buttocks,¬†lower limbs, and¬†abdomen. This issue is more predominant in females over males due to how¬†fat¬†within fibrous¬†connective tissue¬†is stored. For men, a lattice of overlapping crossed fibers keeps¬†cellulite from forming as easily while in women this lattice is composed of parallel fibers resulting in fat being stored differently, yielding bumps and lumpy skin. Factors like hormones (estrogen), genetics, and even stress (cortisol) can increase an individual’s risk for¬†cellulite formation. Recent research has shown that proper diet and exercise can help to reduce¬†cellulite through weight loss. There are other techniques to reduce these fat deposits such as radio frequency treatments and non-invasive skin care therapy.

My Health Studio recognizes how common cellulite is and the desire to treat it, which is why we have recommended Power Plate since its introduction to our facility. Originally intended to be used as a way of reducing abdominal fat, this machine works by using vibrations to engage muscle groups to compliment a normal exercise routine. Common exercises performed on the Power Plate, such as squatting or balancing, expand and loosen muscles increasing blood flow while burning fat. Continued use of the Power Plate has been shown to improve circulation which translates to faster recovery from injuries or muscle atrophy. Other benefits include increased bone density, reversal of bone loss, reduced pain and it can be used to eliminate osteoporosis. Aside from increasing strength, balance and endurance, research has also yielded interesting results regarding Cellulite. When using the Power Plate alone, users reported a 25% reduction in Cellulite, while users who add Power Plate to cardio exercises show as 32% reduction in Cellulite. This is significant considering the Power Plate can be a simple addition to any normal work-out routine.

There are many powerful benefits of the Power Plate, backed by extensive research, proving that this piece of powerful equipment can be used to fight both Cellulite and osteoporosis. Its recovery effects also warrant at least one trial run for anyone curious about the machine. Join us at My Health Studio to try the Power Plate or speak to us about reducing Cellulite through a dedicated weight loss exercise routine. More information about the Power Plate can be found HERE. Catch up on this topic and more in our weekly Facebook Live video series found HERE.

January 22, 2018

What most people fail to realize about their health, is how influential certain key hormones are in weight loss. The five critical weight loss hormones are: cortisol, insulin, thyroid, testosterone in men, and progesterone in women. From excessive stress to overeating, these chemicals can have a large effect on metabolism, counteracting dedicated dieting and fitness efforts. Imbalance of hormones can impact each person differently, but it will likely throw off even the most proven weight loss methods.

Cortisol is the body’s reaction to stress. From mental stress and emotional stress to physical stress and environmental stress cortisol is produced as a result. Generally released during the¬†‚Äúfight or flight‚ÄĚ response system, an extended period of cortisol will start to negatively impact metabolism. Sometimes high intensity workouts will contribute to an already stressed body, creating unhealthy levels of cortisol. A week of chronic stress is not the best time to use this type of training and lowered intensity can assist the body to recover from elevated cortisol levels. During these periods, recovery-focused activities can help to lower stress while staying active, returning cortisol to healthy levels. It’s also recommended to use medication, guided breathing or simply catching up on sleep to lower Cortisol.¬†

Insulin is the pancreas’ response to increased glucose levels in the blood, allowing the body to process energy or store it for later use. Normally, small insulin levels are beneficial as it allows the body to regulate fat effectively, but when this hormone is continuously released over long periods of time, a resistance forms and the body begins to react differently. This built up immunity to insulin leads to decreased metabolism yielding higher fat retention and increased inflammation. The best way to curb insulin resistance is to eat balanced meals, never over eat and maintain a proper exercise balance with some high intensity training. Since HIIT carries the risk of elevating cortisol, it should be limit to only a few sessions per week coupled with lower intensity recovery-focused exercise. This combination will allow for a healthy amount of both cortisol and insulin.

Thyroid hormone, from the throat’s thyroid gland is the hormone most responsible for affecting metabolism rates in the body. The initial hormone created is thyroxine4 and is metabolically inactive; to regulate metabolism it must be converted into thyroxine3.¬†Too often, people are mislabeled as possessing a hypothyroid when in reality, they have a perfectly functioning thyroid, but their thyroxine4 is not converted to thyroxine3 at normal rates. This results in doctors assigning drugs to fix the problem, when there are other factors to consider before resorting to prescriptions.¬†The first step to counteracting lowered levels of thyroxine3 is through cardiovascular exercise which has a positive effect on thyroid hormones.¬†It has been shown that increased cardiovascular intensity can return thyroid hormones to a healthy state over time.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men while Progesterone is the main sex hormone in women. Lowered testosterone in men results in a loss of energy, inability to gain or maintain muscle mass and finally, loss in libido. For women, loss of progesterone causes unhealthy estrogen to progesterone ratios creating irregular menstrual cycles, pre-menopausal symptoms and fat retention around the hips and triceps. Stress, nutrient loss and pesticides are leading contributors to unhealthy levels of both sex hormones. To safeguard against these factors, sessions of high intensity training can boost testosterone in men while cardio and resistance training help better regulate progesterone levels in women.

To craft an exercise regimen specific to each person and their lifestyle, its best to seek a professional experienced in these key hormones. Keep in mind that too much high intensity training without proper guidance can increase cortisol and actively work against weight loss. Only a fitness professional knows how to properly implement recovery and exercise to achieve hormonal balance. To learn more about hormones and weight loss come speak to our My Health Studio experts or read more on the subject through this recent NASM article.


January 1, 2018

Do not resort to extremes to compensate for any recent holiday binges. It’s understandable that many of us are feeling regret and are ready to embark upon a series of resolutions to try to counter-act the ‘damage’ we have done. The issue with this is that these last-minute 2018 goals often involve crazy diets, over-the-top workout routines or a long-term commitment we may not be able to stick to.¬† These strategies that are likely to fail, leave us disheartened, and worst-case scenario result in physical injury. Don’t set yourself up to miss your target; the only way to become fit is to have a plan and a support group. Before you make rash decisions, speak to an expert who can understand your situation better, rather than blindly joining a gym or diet program that assigns a cookie-cutter routine for health or weight loss. It’s also important to note, the best strategies to get in shape involve some patience and the understanding that success does not come overnight.

It’s all about small, achievable steps towards your goal; not just giant leaps. If you bite off more than you can chew, you will quit the process before any real progress is accomplished. Only through a customized fitness strategy can you plan out exactly how you will meet your goals. Of course, this process is not a quick fix to health or weight problems. Unlike the extreme plans most people force themselves into, a customized fitness strategy is likely to result in actual, noticeable change. The key is building a routine slowly with minor changes that can be incorporated into our daily lives, then to build off that foundation once it becomes a normal part of our day. This creates real change overtime which results in a routine that is much easier to commit to for the long term. Moreover, seeking out and employing fitness experts can help with staying motivated, thus creating accountability. Those with experience will show you the best course to achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, they can teach you exactly how do exercise properly on your own as to avoid the previously mentioned physical injury or similar pitfalls. Don’t force yourself into a crazy or extreme situation because there is always another option. Fitness is created over time through hard work, dedication and the support of professionals in the field who can use their knowledge to help you. Don’t be tricked by commercials and advertisements offering a miracle weight-loss solution because, frankly, it doesn’t exist. Instead, contact My Health Studio to plan out your fitness goals for 2018 and let us inspire you to get and stay healthy for life.

June 21, 2017

Don’t love to exercise? Join the club! That’s why its important to find a team of people who help to encourage us and keep us motivated… Seek people of like mind who will encourage you and lift you higher. Here are six¬†important reasons to surround yourself with positive teammates¬†and exercise more:

Exercise improves mood

Exercise can combat chronic diseases

Exercise boosts brain power

Exercise helps to manage weight

Exercise strengthens hearts and lungs

Exercise promotes better sleep

Exercise increases daily energy

Exercise positively affects mindset

My Health Studio creates a team for our members consisting of experienced professionals seeking to improve your overall quality of life. Consisting of a personal trainer, masseuse, hypnotherapist, and many more, our fitness family is here to motivate and encourage you to reach new goals. Together, we can accomplish anything! To learn more about our enrichment network of professionals, click here!